Information for customers

The breed

Genetically bred breed, obtained by crossing three breeds: Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire, to achieve the best quality of meat: 50% Duroc, Landrace 25%, 25% Yorkshire.

  • Duroc - high resistant to stress conditions, high quality of meat.
  • Landrace - the breed with large, high quality hams.
  • Yorkshire - gives very tender, juicy meat.


We sell live pigs in Kaliningrad (the price includes delivery to the slaughterhouse), and pork carcass with delivery to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Terms of delivery from Kaliningrad to Moscow: 3 days.

Payment terms: 100% prepayment 24 hours before shipment.

Delivery on terms of 100% prepayment 24h before the load.

Sales of the slaughter pigs (live weight) from the pig farm in Nizhny Novgorod will start from December 2015.

Our way to make pigs healthy

  • Most up to date genetic from the best breeders;
  • Good care for animals from Danish managers and Veterinarians;
  • Low usage of medication;
  • Balanced receipt of feed prepared by Danish experts;
  • Own production of feed and grain with laboratory control of quality;
  • Own water supply with clean water from the wells;
  • Modern equipment from world leaders producers;
  • Disinfection of incoming transport and other quarantine procedures;
  • Low impact to environment.