Application of the fertilizer

In confirmation of suitability of the produced organic fertilizer to GOST requirements, JSC “Pravdinsk Pig Production” as well as LLC “NNPP” conducted the certification of the obtained product – the organic fertilizer.

Thus, organic fertilizer (solid fraction after separation) is a valuable fertilizer with high organic matter content and low humidity. Its application improves nutritional regime of the soil, maintains a positive balance of the organic matter (at that, humus quality as well as its content is getting higher which, in turn, leads to optimizing proportion of the active and passive humus parts, increases proportion of humic and fulvic acids due to lime humate enrichment), increases cation exchange capacity, helps to stabilize soil solution reaction, optimizes air-water regime, microbiological processes and, eventually, increases a real and potential soil fertility. Fertilizer makes positive impact not only during the year when it’s being applied but also for 2 more years. Beneficial physical characteristics of the fertilizer make it favorable for transportation and application.

Organic fertilizer (liquid fraction after separation) is characterized by low dry matter content and biogenic elements per physical mass unit. In its characteristics it resembles mineral fertilizer: fast effective period (biogenic elements are in favorable for plants form) and balanced ration of nutrient materials.