Production scheme

Production scheme of organic fertilizer based on products of pigs’ vital functions that we use is as follows:

Animals are housed in group and individual pens on slatted floor where the valuable raw material is generated. It is transported by a gravity system with intermittent operation. The raw material is accumulated in concrete baths where it is stored for 14-28 days. Further from the baths it goes by pipeline system into concrete tank. Further the raw material is distributed to quarantine reservoir where it’s stored for 6 days to detect an infection.

After the quarantine it goes for separation. A screw press-separator AGMSB 250 (certified according to ISO 9001-2000) with removable non-clogging wedge-like nets with mesh width from 0,25 mm to 1,0 mm, capacity of 30 m3/hour, separates up to 85% of solid fraction.