Organic fertilizer (solid fraction after separation)
Separator produces solid components with optimal characteristics for composting: porous and soft consistency with a low adhesion insures free air flow and reduces unpleasant smell. After separation solid fraction is transferred to the storage pile where, in accordance with the veterinary rules, it’s being stored during 2 months in warm season and 3 months in cold season in 2 meters piles. The manure is heating up at 50 – 60º C and thus the dark-brown material similar to peat is produced. The dry matter proportion is 22-40%.

 The sample is then sent to the laboratory to confirm the chemical composition and lack of pollution agents.

Solid fraction is transferred through belt-type conveyor for its further pile storage, liquid fraction goes into storage wells, and then into reservoirs, lagoons, equipped with pipes for loading, off-loading and mixing of the liquid organic fertilizer.