Farm in Nizhny Novgorod region


Feed mill

Total square:

  • Plant - 1 300 m2
  • Storehouse - 2 400 m2

Capacity - 183 t/day.

Equipment – Big Dutchman

The feed is produced by means of granulating using extrusion.

Garage, workshop, administration office, bank terminal, IP-telephony, high-speed internet

Pig farm

4 production sites

1. Sow site – 29 000 m2

2. Weaner – 12 700 m2

3. Finisher – 44 000 m2

4. Quarantine – 600 m2

Estimated capacity of pig farm 180 000 slaughter pigs per year. Automatic feeding and water systems, heating and ventilation systems provide high daily weight gain

The environment is protected by hermetic system of slurry removal and storage


  • Slats in all the buildings
  • Slurry forms placed under the slats
  • In underground slurry pipes the slurry self-flows to closed lagoons and slurry tanks
  • Closed lagoons are designed for long-term storage of slurry in closed reservoirs
  • Special field machinery for transporting slurry from lagoons to the fields and its application onto the soil as fertilizer