22.09.2017 Gala opening of the new RBPI Group farm construction in Ermakovo village
On September 12, the opening ceremony of the construction of Pravdinskoye Pig Production 2 was held in the village of Ermakovo, Kaliningrad Region.

03.08.2017 Socially responsible business: LLC "Kornevo" allocated 300 thousand rubles for charity
LLC "Kornevo", a company of the RBPI Group, held an action, in which grants received three budget organizations of the Guryevsky district of Kaliningrad region.

05.06.2017 RBPI Group has become a sponsor of the youth football team "Lava" of Pravdinsky district

02.06.2017 RDIF and RBPI Group, a subsidiary of CP Group, with the support of the government of Kaliningrad region will construct a plant for utilization of biowaste

13.04.2017 New film: "21st Century Pig Farm"
For those who want to know more about our pig farms, we made a new reportage: "Pig Far21st Century m".

22.03.2017 Prize winner of the "Businessman of the year 2016"
The CEO of LLC “NNPP” Mr Thomas Norgaard became a prize winner of the "Businessman of the year 2016" in the category "Efficient investments" in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

27.12.2016 New breeding farm in Kaliningrad region

01.12.2016 LLC "NNPP" received compartment 3 and continues close cooperation with Rosselkhoznadzor on increasing biological safety of our pig farm

27.09.2016 New pig farm will be constructed in Bolshemurashkino area
In the village Kluchishchi was laid the first foundation stone of the new pig farm

27.05.2016 Charity Event
Annually, beginning from 2007, JSC "Pravdinsk Pig Production" holds a charity event by making allocations for social needs to non-profitable government-funded organizations and institutes

09.03.2016 RBPI Group will build one more pig farm in Nizhny Novgorod region

The governor of Nizhny Novgorod region Veleriy Shantsev and the CEO of LLC “NNPP” (in assembly with RBPI Group) Thomas Norgaard have signed a construction agreement of a pig farm for 6 000 sows in Bolshemurashkinsky district.