RBPI Group will build one more pig farm in Nizhny Novgorod region

The governor of Nizhny Novgorod region Veleriy Shantsev and the CEO of LLC “NNPP” (in assembly with RBPI Group) Thomas Norgaard have signed a construction agreement of a pig farm for 6 000 sows in Bolshemurashkinsky district.

The construction of a new farm is planned for summer 2016 with it’s launching in 2017. Investment amount for a new project comes to 3 billion rubles.

The new pig farm will provide residents with 150 new workplaces which, in turn, will ease a tense atmosphere of now existing unemployment in Bolshemurashkinsky district.

According to the minister of agriculture of Nizhny Novgorod region Aleksey Morozov, with launching of a new pig farm (Group has already invested 2.5 billion rubles into its first farm in Vad region) LLC “NNPP” will cover the need of a whole region in pork meat by 100%.

Construction site in Bolshemurashkinsky district was chosen for a reason: Chernyshihinsky meat-processing plant, which is expected to become a major NNPP client, is located in a neighboring district. New pig farm, as well as already existing projects of the Group, will produce bacon breed pigs characterized by high meat content and low fat accretion.

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