Socially responsible business: LLC "Kornevo" allocated 300 thousand rubles for charity

LLC "Kornevo", a company of the RBPI Group, held an action, in which grants received three budget organizations of the Guryevsky district of Kaliningrad region.

This annual action is carried by RBPI Group and JSC "Pravdinsk Pig Production" for the past ten years. This year, charitable funds were allocated for the Guryevsky district. "In Pravdinsk this action is known and loved. We hope that residents will also appreciate the effect of such an event in Gurievsk,"- said site director of LLC "Kornevo" Denis Shereta at an operational meeting in the administration, during which certificates of social support were handed over. According to the company's representatives, several dozens of projects applied for grants (the total amount of applications was 1.5 million rubles). The Board of Directors chose three of them.

"We give all the best to children!", - said Denis Shereta before giving certificates. 150 thousand rubles received Dobrinsky territorial management. Head of the department Boris Dzasokhov said that these funds will be spent for arrangement of children's playground in the village of Aistovo. 100 thousand rubles were given to the kindergarten No. 9 "Rodnik", 50 thousand rubles to the Sambo and Judo Division of the Youth Sports School of Guryevsk.

"This is the first sponsorship since the opening of our kindergarten! Thank you!", - the head of the kindergarten "Rodnik" in the village of Konstantinovka Tamara Sologub thanked for choosing their kindergarten.

"This attitude of business to our institutions is respected. LLC "Kornevo" has the opportunity to provide sponsorship assistance, and do it. We are grateful for this!" - concluded Andrei Sergeev, first deputy head of the administration of the Guryevsky district.

kornevo благотворительность     kornevo благотворительность

благотворительность 2017 kornevo     kornevo благотворительность

For reference:

In the Guryevsky District, a project of a breeding pig farm was implemented. It is located on several separate sites: the insemination section, the section of pregnant sows, the hoger, the repair gilts section, the weaning and fattening sites. The farm is designed for a capacity of 7,000 breeding sows, as well as 29,000 commercial pigs.
In the breeding system are used sows and boars of the Duroc, Landras and Yorkshire breeds.
LLC "Kornevo" owns 877 hectares of agricultural land and plans to cultivate them. The company applies a new technology for the storage and processing of manure that will be used as a valuable fertilizer to improve the micro-composition of the soil.

Ksenia Ivanova, photo by Alexander Parhimchik

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