In July 2018 in the territory of a pig complex of JSC "Pravdinsk Pig Production" in the village Novo-Biyskoe Pravdinsky district of the Kaliningrad region was diagnosed with the virus of African swine fever (ASF), which, in accordance with the norms of the veterinary legislation of the Russian Federation, resulted in the destruction of the entire pig stock. At the moment, we perform comprehensive measures aimed at eliminating the consequences of ASF virus. All livestock of pig farm is utilized, all necessary measures for the disinfection of the premises and territory according to the requirements of normative documents and instructions of regulatory bodies are in process. All activities are carried out under supervision of the State Veterinary Service.  During the time required for the implementation of these measures, it is planned to upgrade the complex in order to increase its biological safety. The enterprise has established a working group, which is engaged in development and implementation of enhanced measures of biosecurity.

"The reality is that now the Kaliningrad region is among the disadvantaged epizootic areas, and our enterprise will have to operate in this reality, as well as other major meat producers.  We are aware of our social responsibility and obligations to the employees of the enterprise, residents of Pravdinsky district, as well as the high importance of our enterprise in ensuring food security of the Kaliningrad region. Therefore, our enterprise intends to resume production and continue its activities in strict accordance with the recommendations of supervisory authorities and applicable law. We took into account that, despite the high level of biological protection that was established in the pig complex, as well as all the measures we took, we could not prevent the penetration of the ASF virus.  Therefore, we can now say that new standards of biosafety are needed, and all participants of the pig sector, from large enterprises to the population, must join the fight against a dangerous disease," - said Thomas Norgaard, the General Director of the management company to Pravdinsk Pig Production JSC.

The African swine fever (ASF) is an infectious disease of pigs, characterized by a high lethal outcome, and is currently not amenable to treatment and prevention by vaccination.  ASF came to Russia with wild boars from Georgia in 2007.  At the moment, the situation in the country for this disease remains complicated.  The disease is not dangerous to humans and other types of animals.  Because of the high contagiosity, the virus can enter the body of pigs in various ways.  Among the mechanical carriers of the ASF are birds, small rodents, deferent type of insects, especially Gasterophilus can be a big carry, people who have visited infected areas, vehicles, etc.

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