Breeding farm in the Kaliningrad region


In 2015 LLC “Kornevo” in assembly with international holding company “Russia Baltic Pork Invest” bought a former pig farm “Voskhod” with the fattening section at auction, using internal funds of the RBPI Group.

At the given moment the project of the pig breeding farm is is completed on the territory of Kaliningrad region in Gur’evsk district.

The pig breeding farm is located on several separate sites: insemination section, section for pregnant sows, boar site, young gilts section, weaners and fatteners sites, with the total farm capacity of 7 000 breeding sows and 29 000 slaughter pigs.

Breeding system involves three breeds: Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire.

New cross-breed born animals will be selected and then sent to slaughter. Crossbred sows with the best characteristics will stay in the main herd.

Young gilts are inseminated at the age of 10-11 months, upon reaching the weight of 100-110 kg. Sows are inseminated twice while being in heat. Young boars are first used for breeding at the age of 11-12 months.

The boars and main sows stay in the herd for 1,5-2 years in average. The main sows should have at least 2 farrowing per year. The livestock population can be organized in the following way: 50 boars, main sows – 6%, pigs in a weight category from 0 to 7 kg – 16%; from 7 to 30 kg – 29%; from 30 to 60 kg – 24% and from 60 to 115 kg – 26%.

All the buildings at the farm are built from the metal frame with the roof and the walls covered with sandwich panels; slatted floors help the manure to fall into the system of underground pipes and go into lagoons (manure storage) where it is stored until it is used on the fields as an organic fertilizer.

LLC ”Kornevo” owns 877 ha of agricultural land and is planning to grow it. The Company is using a new manure storage and handling technology which will be used as a valuable tool for soil composition improvement.