Crop production in Kaliningrad region

Crop production

Proper feeding is a key to high-quality pork production yet at the same time feed is the most costly part of pig farming. Here in “Pravdinsk Pig Production” we understand that efficient grain growing is a starting point for top-quality pork meat at low cost.

Our strategic goal is to fully satisfy our internal needs in grain for feed for our pigs.
Highly-qualified employees together with Danish management, modern equipment from renowned international companies (John Deere, CLAAS, Amazone, Horsch, Väderstad, Agrometer) and advanced agricultural technologies, have built an efficient and dedicated team – a key element that allows us to obtain high yields.

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2015 harvest results showed that our efforts are paying off: we managed to harvest 43 000 tons of grains from 7 100 hectares.

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To enhance crop production and soil conservation we use our own drainage team for soil improvement and fully equipped workshop for well-timed fleet service and repair.

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At the moment we have 11 800 hectares of owned and rented land in Pravdinsk district and 800 hectares in Gur’evsk district, Kaliningrad region. Today we are farming 8 500 hectares where we grow:

  • Winter barley

  • Winter wheat

  • Winter rape

  • Winter triticale

  • Hybrid rye

  • Oat

  • Spring barley

  • Spring wheat  


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By the year 2018 we are planning to farm 12 000 hectares of land in order to provide our animals with the highest quality feed. That is why we pay a great attention to the quality and safety of produced grain. We use only registered and certified mineral fertilizers and chemical crop protection products with the application rate approved by Ministry of Agriculture. All our employees take regular trainings and pass annual medical inspection to improve and maintain their health and skills level.

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